Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fabulous Ross Deals!

Hello everyone well like I promise here are some finds that I found last week, I didn’t post sooner because I was at a Woman’s God Encounter which was wonderful and very filling.

 So here we go with my Ross finds.

I got lucky with these frames and they were very affordable!

This frame was $13.99

This one was $9.99

I got this one for $6.99

I got these for $6.99 each and still haven't decide what I'm going to do with them yet.

Look what I scored and yes they are coffee plaque for my KITCHEN!!!!!!!
It was $9.99 for the whole set.

 It so hard to find little decor balls all in a bag and I finally found this whole bag for $3.99.

Look what I found some more book boxes also the best deal of the day was when I found the pear for 99c and the jar for $1.49 I hit the jack pot yeah!!!!!

 See I'm telling the truth LOL!
Happy Decorating and have a bless day Maggie


  1. Hi Maggie, what great finds! Love the coffee signs. Thanks for sharing! Hugs

  2. You found some wonderful items and at great prices.


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