Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Decor!

Hi everyone this is my attempt in some little Easter decorating it’s not much but a little! Also look what I found on Craigslist this beautiful jar with lid for $10.00 not bad and it’s huge a very good size jar. I hope everyone is having a bless day and just to let you know that it’s getting to hot here in Florida we already have 90 degree weather which feels like 100 and its only spring!

A friend of mine gave me this bunny about a year ago and has been in my car for that amount of time which I should have brought it in long time ago sorry! But decided to bring it in and use it for my Easter decorating.

I didn't want to put it just on the floor so had the ideas to put bunny on top of this candle holder/hurricane stand and added Easter eggs that I got at Ross for $2.99.

I took down the pear and added this bunny with a moss ball and vase!

I got these little birds at Michael’s for $1.49 and $1.99 on sale aren’t they cute!

See the little birdie I got him at Kirkland's for $4.99 I thought that he would be perfect for the bird cage.
And at last my jar!
Didn't I tell you that it was huge I love the Fleur de lis on it, it give it more stylish to it.

Bye Happy Decorating and Happy Spring Maggie

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  1. Okay don't think I'm stalking your blog :-) lol the bunny is sooo cute and a great idea to keep him off the floor.


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