Friday, April 13, 2012

What A DEAL!

Hi everyone hope everybody is having a good weekend for me it's been great I went to my local Walmart to get some things for the home and was walking around in the floral isles and what to my surprise that I had found they had harvest decoration, which was kind of weird but I was happy. When I saw what they had left everything went quick to my shopping cart I had people staring at me as if I was crazy but you would have done the same thing if you knew how much I got everything for.

I got three round wreaths, two grape vine wreaths, six garlands,  one big pumpkin and one little, four rolls of ribbon, one box of mini pumpkins, six picks and a pumpkin wreath which was too cute to leave behind.
The pumpkin wreath was regular price at $19.99 the garlands and the pumpkins were $5.00 each but do you want to know what I paid for all of it. I PAID $12 and change YES everyone $12 I was so happy and now I can't wait till it's FALL!

1 comment:

  1. Those people looking at you crazy didn't know what they were missing! That was a good deal and you can never have too many florals!


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