Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wild Side Bathroom Update!

Hi Everyone
OK I must admit I have a shower curtain fetish  I LOVE SHOWER CURTAINS I change my bathroom all the time I hardly keep the same decor in the bathroom because I like shower curtains. So I wanted to make a change also because I love animal print and fleur de lis and anything with Paris in it too. So I have been looking for the perfect animal print shower curtain which all were just very pricey and didn't want to spend so much money on them and you know why cause I change them out so often LOL. So I went to Garden Ridge the other day and guess what I found yep you guess it this cute animal print shower curtain that I had to have and it was only $9.99 so I didn't have to brake the bank and spend $50.00 dollars on the one that I really wanted at Dillard's.

So take a lot at the new bathroom decor I'm probably leaving this one up for awhile "MAYBE" if I don't see another shower curtain THAT I LIKE LOL!

 I found the rugs at Ross!
 The powder room frame is from Hobby Lobby and the towels from Ross!

 I found this little table and the bath tub frame with the little leopard print shoe on the top of the sink all on craigslist for $10.00!
 I forgot to take a picture of the table but it was all white on the outside and wood on the inside but I redone it in black so that it will go in the bathroom and match with what I had!

 I got the frames at Ross for $9.99 each!
I love the chandelier in it!
Well that's all for today I had made some changes around the house and will post once I get them uploaded.
Happy Decorating Maggie

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More Fabulous Finds!

Hello Everyone
Hope everyone is doing fine, I just had to show you all my fabulous finds of the week. I was pretty busy SHOPPING LOL!!!


So here we go! 
First stop - Tuesday Morning

This was on clearance for 12.99 and I couldn't leave it behind.

 More Artichoke!
 Do you see this big mama it was on clearance for 19.99 and the store manger gave it to me 50% off of that because of the paint on the top 10 dollars not bad the original price was 29.99. Ha I can top that with my flowers or I just could paint it what do you think!

Second Stop - Old Time Pottery its like a Garden Ridge I have one of those here too.

 Do you see what I found I have been looking for some nice lamps to go in my bedroom but didn't want to pay a fortune for them either and when I saw these I just drop and had to have them they were 19.99 each which was what I was looking for to spend on lamps girls if you have Old Time Pottery you need to go they have a lot of new items in.
 Picture up close they had a lot to choose from but I like these they have some animal print on them.
 I got this for my kitchen for a spoon rest!
 For my dish soap you have to monogram it LOL!
And these I just had to get "Fleur de lis" on them. I had always bought my candle holder in K's but they have not had any for awhile now bummer!
She was to cute to stay behind too. Do you see she has animal print in the background.

Third Stop - T.J. Max

 These were 19.99 and I got them for 12.00 not bad.

I had to get more deco balls!

Fourth Stop - ROSS!!!

 More dried flowers at 6.99
 O yes can't wait till the fall to use these babies!
 Another pot plant!
When I saw this it went straight to my cart and it was on clearence too.
Towels were affordable too.

Fifth Stop - Hobby Lobby and what I found there was a steal!
A little history it all started by one good man!
 From this!

To this 

Now this is why I said your going to drop to your feet I found these jar at HL and they were on sale sale the original price were 49.99 and 45.99 and what do you think I paid are you bouncing up and  down now.
 Just Look!!

 I paid 4.50 and 5.00 dollars for them check it out for yourself I'm the QUEEN of bargains!
 I will not paid full price for something unless I have to or I have to really LOVE IT!

 Do you want to know how much I paid for this lamp are you ready the original price for these lamps are 119.99 but I wouldn't even pay that at half off are you still with me. Well let me first start by saying my husband like the lamp so much that he wanted me to buy another one and I said NO WAY cause I knew how much they were and that it was just to much money to pay for a lamp, so are you still here well HL had this lamp in the clearance aisle because the switch was broken and what did I do I bought it and took it to Ace Hardware and had one of the men there fix it for me and voila my 120.00 dollars lamp just costed me 12.99 and 10.00 to fix it a total of 23.00 for this beautiful lamp and its a two way lamp to and I went yesterday and they have these lamps at the full price still! I bought the lamp shade at Ross for 6.99~

 I got this tray for 4.00 dollars
These were 50% off this week!

 This too!
 And this!
And this all at half price!            

Craigslist Finds
and guess what these finds are from HL!

The two mini shoe frames are from Old Time Pottery!

And Last Kirkland's
Do you remember when Kirkland's use to be in the malls.
Back then!
 and now to this!

I got these mirrors for 9.99 each and had a coupon!

Well that's is all for now and NOW i'm in the pooch house (like you know the dog house) ha ha! I can't shop any more for about 6 months. (yeah right that won't last) LOL!!!!
Happy Decorating Maggie
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