Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Kitchen!

Come and take a tour with me of my kitchen decor!

My kitchen theme is coffee but I also add other items to it
that I like.

Alot of my coffee items are from Kirkland's Home Store which I love so much as I stated in my other post.

I got these coffee frames from Ross about two months ago for $7.99 each!

I got the idea of the wire basket from Liz at Savvy Season and just love the way it looks.
I purchase the items at Hobby Lobby, Ross and Kirkland's.

Apple Apples! Every time my younger son see's them he always think that they are real you would think that they are really
Granny Smith Apples don't they look delicious.

Thanks for stoping by!
Happy Decorating Maggie

By the way if the music bothers you while you’re viewing, you can scroll down and muted!!
Thanks Again!

More warm and inviting!

Hi Everyone,
I updated my blog to make it more warm and inviting for you guys to stop by and stay awhile and hope you like it. Also wanted to say that I’m going shopping with my niece to find some fabulous  deals out there so be on the lookout for my post on what I found. Happy Decorating and Spring MAggie

Monday, March 26, 2012

My Living Room and Hallway!

Tour My Living Room and Hallway!

I love the warm colors in our home it always feel warm and cozy in here that just tells our guest pick up your feet and stay for awhile.

I got these fleur-de-lis at Ross for $9.99 the whole set.

 See what I scored on craigslist this chair and I love it! I got the trunks and the book boxes at Ross also.

I got these candle holder at Hobby Lobby!

I got the set of these 3 final at Kirkland's and the lamp at TJ Maxx for $27.00 dollars on clearance.

Both rugs the one in the living room and the hallway I got at Ross and where a steal the larger one $49.00 and the runner for $19.99 which if you were going to buy them somewhere else it would cost you a lot more many!

I got this console table on craigslist for $100.00 dollars and wanted to buy it at Ashley Furniture Store which was just too much money, I just had bought the sister set coffee table and new how much I purchase it for and couldn’t afford both of them but when I search craigslist and saw that they had this for sale I called the guy so fast and went to pick it up the same day and the table was brand new. I was so happy and couldn’t believe that I got the matching set.

 Another view of the hallway.
Thanks for looking Happy Decorating MAggie

Friday, March 23, 2012

My Younger Son's Bedroom

I painted my son's room blue/gray which I love for a little boy.

I found the motorcycle at Ross for 19.99 which I thought was nice to go in his room!

I got the bedding at Ross also for 29.00 dollars a couple of months ago.

Thanks for looking see ya soon ! Happy Decorating Maggie

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Dining Room

My Dining Room!

I just love my frame and sconces from Kirkland’s.

Kirkland’s flower Vase!
 My hutch/book case.
I like the way this turn out on top of my hutch/book case.

Do you see my candle holder, I had this holder for a few months now that I purchase at Ross and had candle on it but when I saw Liz from Savvy Season add the little flower pots to hers I thought it was a really neat idea and decided to add my own little pot that I found at Ross. Who would have thought that it would look great on top of my counter top bar? Thanks Liz!

Closer Look!
If you haven't seen Liz blog yet you need to check it out here at
Thanks for looking Happy Decorating Maggie

Went Shopping and redone my bathroom!

I redone my master bathroom and went shopping!

I like the way my bathroom looks now and I got my shower curtain at Ross for $5.99 what a bargain!

Counter of my sink!

Got this towel holder at Kirkland's.

I got the frame at K's too.

I got my metal frame from K's a couple of year's ago and just bought the sconces from Ross for $11.99.

See Ya Soon Happy Decorating Maggie!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Master Bathroom

This is my master bathroom in my room!

The shower curtian, table and frames are from Kirkland's what will I do without them I LOVE this store. I have decorated my whole house with Kirkland's decor!

Master Bedroom

I like the way my room turn out with the color choice.

Let me know what you guys think about the color choice!

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