Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Kitchen!

Come and take a tour with me of my kitchen decor!

My kitchen theme is coffee but I also add other items to it
that I like.

Alot of my coffee items are from Kirkland's Home Store which I love so much as I stated in my other post.

I got these coffee frames from Ross about two months ago for $7.99 each!

I got the idea of the wire basket from Liz at Savvy Season and just love the way it looks.
I purchase the items at Hobby Lobby, Ross and Kirkland's.

Apple Apples! Every time my younger son see's them he always think that they are real you would think that they are really
Granny Smith Apples don't they look delicious.

Thanks for stoping by!
Happy Decorating Maggie

By the way if the music bothers you while you’re viewing, you can scroll down and muted!!
Thanks Again!


  1. Kirkland's was also my favorite store until they closed the one where I live. Now Pier One is my favorite. I like the idea of using the lemons in the wire basket and the apples does look as though they are real. :-)

  2. I just brought I home and my theme is also coffee and I love your coffee kitchen ideas. Where did you get your coffee pictorial wall hanging? Love it!!!....


    1. HiTonya most of the coffee items came from Kirkland about 4 years ago but they always come out with new stuff you always have to check. I hope this helps..


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