Friday, August 24, 2012

Dining Room Table

Hello Blogger Friends
Well  last week I had asked my husband if he will buy me a new dining table because I was tired of the one that we had their was nothing wrong with it only that is was to high for me since i'm short LOL! We have purchase it several years ago when the counter height table were in style and they still are but I had enough with it we hardly even eat dinner on it due to the fact that I hated it, so my darling husband said yes under one condition that I had to sell the one I had first and here I am telling myself  to whom am I going to sell this table too and how much should I sell it for. So my head started rolling and I decide to put a post on craigslist and guess what I posted the table Sunday night and the table was gone Monday afternoon I couldn't believe that it sold so fast it was a blessing and I sure was so HAPPY.

This is the OLD table LOL!!!!!

I know you can't see it well but this is 
the table my husband and I agree on.

We went out all day today looking for tables and this was the one, it's from Rooms to go it's the Cindy Crawford Home furniture called Key West collection I went with dark pine so that it will still go with the rest of the house. So what do you think of the change from counter height to Normal dining and guess what 
I should be receiving my table in about a week or two, so when I get it in and start decorating for FALL
 I will take picture and give you an update on all.
Happy Fall and Many Blessing Maggie



  1. Congrats on selling the "Old" and getting the "New"! I love them both, but I'm with you on the counter height tables. I prefer my feet comfortably on the floor too! I also love your hanging light!!

    Take care!

  2. They both were great tables but I love the new one!! I want a new table but I wont get one until the littles are older and dont ruin it!

  3. Sorry Jeanette for some reason your comment will not post but thanks for the comment :-)

    Jeanette said Wow Maggie, I love the style of the new table. The original table was nice too but, I agree with you wanting to keep your feet on the floor.. being 5'3" I understand:)
    Can't wait to see the new table.

  4. Thanks Ladies I sure am going to enjoy the new dining set I can't wait for it to arrive!!!!!!!!

  5. I like both tables, but the new one speaks to will look gorgeous in your home. Can't wait to see it!


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