Sunday, December 2, 2012

Can not upload picture!

Hello Sweet Blogger Friends,
I need your help!!!
For the past week I have try to upload pictures of  Christmas decor and for some reason it's not letting me anymore. I have deleted picture to make room and still can not upload anymore. I am so upset at this does anyone know why, it said that I have to paid for more space now, but I deleting some post of my that had many pictures on them but still nothing is anyone else having the same problem please inbox me with your help thanks.
~ Maggie~


  1. I had to do this a few years in a row. The only way I could upload pictures was to pay for more storage. Wish I could be more help. Hope someone else can figure this out for you. ((Hugs)) XO ~Liz

  2. Oh no! I wish I could be of help but I'm not computer savvy at all. Hope you can solve it soon. I'd love to see what else you've done for Christmas. Good luck!

  3. Hi Maggie! I saw where you posted this problem on my post stating the same. This morning I thought, let me just try again (after several weeks) and it worked! I too had deleted many post and pictures. But today I was able to post a picture. You might try again. Merry Christmas!



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