Friday, August 31, 2012

Walmart/Dining Table

Hello Everyone!
Hope everyone has a blessed and safe Labor Day this week. Well I don't know about you but have you been to Walmart lately they already have their fall stuff out and their fall serving dishes are so adorable, I  just had to take some pic's for you gals to see. .
My dining table also came today!!!
Scroll down to see it!

Pumpkin Serving Dish $12.96

Leaf Serving Dish $ 9.96

Pumpkin Serving Bowl  $12.96

These are only $2.68 each

 Fall Plates with sayings!!
These are my favorite and they are $2.98 each  

I thought this was cute as well what do you think! Also $2.68

 Fall Floral at Walmart

Do you see this it has animal print feathers and I love it just 
had to get it and they are only $3.00 for the bunch!
Close-up view!

So here it is what do you think I am loving it and now I can touch the floor LOL!!!!! 

Happy Labor Day
 Hugs and Blessing Maggie


  1. Wow Maggie, your table is absolutely beautiful! I am sure you and your family will put this to good use and you will be able to touch the floor. (yeah!) Looks like I have to get myself to Walmart!

  2. LOVE your new table... can't wait to see it all jazzed up :)

  3. Love your new table its gorgeous!! I want a new one desperately!! I just love all of Walmart's fall stuff its too cute! I need to head up there haven't been in about a week and a half they didn't have it fully set up at mine yet when I was there.

  4. I am heading to Walmart this morning, those plates are lovely. Thanks so much for sharing with us. =) xo Liz


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