Friday, April 27, 2012

Burlap Fleur De Lis Frame!

Hi Everyone
Today I wanted to show you a frame I made using the burlap ribbon that I had left.

First I started by gathering all my supplies!
I bought all my supplies at Walmart except the burlap oh and forgot to post the designer paper that I bought at Michaels.

 You will need to buy the stencil for this project unless you know how to draw very well as for me "NOT' LOL!

 I first started by painting the Fleur with my black paint inside the stencil.

 This is how it looks when your down painting.

 When you take the stencil off it should look like this!

 Then I cut my paper into the shape that I wanted also I added some black card stock to make it pop because if I didn't it would of looks to empty showing the holes you can see it in the above picture with out the card stock and know what I meant about this :)

 And here is the finish product.

 I added so ribbon to my frame so that it will look more cute!!!

 This is how it looks on my shelf and thanks to liz from savvy seasons idea for my floral vase with deco ball on top. 
Hope you all enjoy!
Happy Decorating Maggie

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Tip for You!!

Hello Everyone
I had a good week and hope everyone had a blessed one too! I wanted to give you a little TIP on how I put the skirt on to my bed. Have you ever wonder why every time you put your skirt on your bed it always runs and moves from where you position it at, well I have always wonder the same thing so I decide to do something about it cause I was so tired of it moving and never wanted to put it on. Then I come up with this idea you know the floral pins that we use to pin on wreath and etc. well yes I decide to pin MY SKIRT DOWN and it works.

  Here is the picture it looks nice when you first put it on but when you put the mattress on it moves.

Here I show you the corners.
So I asked my DH to help me put the pins and of course he said Yes!
You can add as many as you want it's up to you! 
So here it is the pin in place I hope you can see it if you click on the photo it will zoom it so you can see it better!
Happy Decorating Maggie

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Makeup and Pen Storage

Hi Everyone I hope everybody is doing well. Today I want to show you a few ways on how I store some of my things, this will be good for any teenage girl with alot of makeup or for just about anything that you want to hold. I had this done already for some time but wanted to clean it up and redo it so that I can show you all. Sorry for all the PINK I'm such a girly girl LOL! So I will give you a little tutorial on how I store them.

I bought this basket at Ross 2 years ago just so that I can use it to store my makeup in the bathroom!

 Side View
I added ribbon bows to it just so that it wouldn't look so plain.

 In order for me to have my makeup stand up straight I bought these fillers so that I can stick them and they will stand straight up.

 In the third tier I hold my washcloth and this is how I fold them.

This is how it looks with the crystal dazzlers.
 I bought the fillers at Hobby Lobby for $4.99 a box and when they are on sale you can get them for $2.50.
So here it goes this is what it looks like when it's all done!

 Closer view at the basket!

Here I show you how I store my makeup brushes.

 You will pour the fillers of your choice and then stick your brushes it's just that easy :). I bought the white filler at Joann's. Hobby Lobby has different colors of the dazzlers.
Once again I added the ribbon and bow cause you don't want it plain right LOL!

 And this is how it looks with all my brushes!
(Can't you tell that I like makeup brushes)

 When I saw this vase at Ross I had to have it cause I just knew what I was going to use it for and it has polka dots which it looks very girly for my craft room right.
So I use it to store my pens a girl just has to have her PINK pen right LOL I love pink and yes all my pens are pink (SORRY).

 Hope you all enjoy it an I will like to see what you all come up with using this idea.
Happy Decorating Maggie

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pineapple Vase Floral Arrangement

Hello Everyone hope you all had a good Monday!
Today I went to Hobby Lobby and got this pineapple vase that I've been wanting and hubby said yes so I got it. I love it it's a pretty good size and I got it at 50% off. So I had some left over floral and guess what I did yep you guess it I made another floral arrangement and this time I added some dried flowers and sticks to it and this is how it turn out.

My Vase
I just had to have it!

 The whole view!

 Closer Look at the arrangement!

 Better view of the vase!

 Side view of the arrangement!
Hope you all enjoy Happy Decorating Maggie

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hello Everyone
Well today I decided to make another wreath with burlap ribbon and show you how I made it.
I'm not good at making tutorial but I am trying my best to give you an idea of it.

 First you gather all your supplies. I found the Burlap at Joann's it was $8.99 but then I had a coupon so I only paid $5.39 for it.

 Here I'm showing you how you will pin the burlap to your foam wreath.

 I took the burlap and wrap it all around the foam circle and this is what it will look like when your almost done.

 Here I show you were I pin the end of it when I was finish wrapping it all.

 Then with the rest of the burlap I started to make loops and each loop I made I then pin it with the floral pin and this is what it will look like.

 Once you get to the end you will over lap the ribbon and pin it under your first loop at the end. I hope that you will understand it if not leave me a comment and I will get back to you A.S.A.P

 Voila your done this is how your finish wreath will look!

 Here I show you the different ways that I made it. I added this zebra flower here.

Here I added initial to it just to show you the different ways that you can embellish it.

Closer Look At It.
Happy Decorating Maggie!
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