Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Tip for You!!

Hello Everyone
I had a good week and hope everyone had a blessed one too! I wanted to give you a little TIP on how I put the skirt on to my bed. Have you ever wonder why every time you put your skirt on your bed it always runs and moves from where you position it at, well I have always wonder the same thing so I decide to do something about it cause I was so tired of it moving and never wanted to put it on. Then I come up with this idea you know the floral pins that we use to pin on wreath and etc. well yes I decide to pin MY SKIRT DOWN and it works.

  Here is the picture it looks nice when you first put it on but when you put the mattress on it moves.

Here I show you the corners.
So I asked my DH to help me put the pins and of course he said Yes!
You can add as many as you want it's up to you! 
So here it is the pin in place I hope you can see it if you click on the photo it will zoom it so you can see it better!
Happy Decorating Maggie


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