Friday, April 27, 2012

Burlap Fleur De Lis Frame!

Hi Everyone
Today I wanted to show you a frame I made using the burlap ribbon that I had left.

First I started by gathering all my supplies!
I bought all my supplies at Walmart except the burlap oh and forgot to post the designer paper that I bought at Michaels.

 You will need to buy the stencil for this project unless you know how to draw very well as for me "NOT' LOL!

 I first started by painting the Fleur with my black paint inside the stencil.

 This is how it looks when your down painting.

 When you take the stencil off it should look like this!

 Then I cut my paper into the shape that I wanted also I added some black card stock to make it pop because if I didn't it would of looks to empty showing the holes you can see it in the above picture with out the card stock and know what I meant about this :)

 And here is the finish product.

 I added so ribbon to my frame so that it will look more cute!!!

 This is how it looks on my shelf and thanks to liz from savvy seasons idea for my floral vase with deco ball on top. 
Hope you all enjoy!
Happy Decorating Maggie


  1. Hi Maggie,
    What an adorable idea, I love it! Your vignette is BEAUTIFUL!! You are a girl after my own heart; book boxes, greenery, deco balls,, candle holders, and a great framed piece of, love, love it! =) I'm going to give this idea a try when I get into our new house, thanks! I hope you have a great week, friend! Oh, and thanks for your sweet comments on my videos. *smile* xo ~Liz

    1. Liz yes you and I love same things I'm glad that we are blog friends I just love changing my home decor and added different items that already go with what I have just to bring out the touch. Hug and Blessing Maggie


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