Thursday, April 19, 2012

Makeup and Pen Storage

Hi Everyone I hope everybody is doing well. Today I want to show you a few ways on how I store some of my things, this will be good for any teenage girl with alot of makeup or for just about anything that you want to hold. I had this done already for some time but wanted to clean it up and redo it so that I can show you all. Sorry for all the PINK I'm such a girly girl LOL! So I will give you a little tutorial on how I store them.

I bought this basket at Ross 2 years ago just so that I can use it to store my makeup in the bathroom!

 Side View
I added ribbon bows to it just so that it wouldn't look so plain.

 In order for me to have my makeup stand up straight I bought these fillers so that I can stick them and they will stand straight up.

 In the third tier I hold my washcloth and this is how I fold them.

This is how it looks with the crystal dazzlers.
 I bought the fillers at Hobby Lobby for $4.99 a box and when they are on sale you can get them for $2.50.
So here it goes this is what it looks like when it's all done!

 Closer view at the basket!

Here I show you how I store my makeup brushes.

 You will pour the fillers of your choice and then stick your brushes it's just that easy :). I bought the white filler at Joann's. Hobby Lobby has different colors of the dazzlers.
Once again I added the ribbon and bow cause you don't want it plain right LOL!

 And this is how it looks with all my brushes!
(Can't you tell that I like makeup brushes)

 When I saw this vase at Ross I had to have it cause I just knew what I was going to use it for and it has polka dots which it looks very girly for my craft room right.
So I use it to store my pens a girl just has to have her PINK pen right LOL I love pink and yes all my pens are pink (SORRY).

 Hope you all enjoy it an I will like to see what you all come up with using this idea.
Happy Decorating Maggie


  1. What a cute idea!! I need to do this for my brushes thanks for the idea! :)

    1. Allyson when you do yours let me see it!

  2. Hi Maggie, I love your decor you have such great ideas. I will be copying some.. lol. I do not have a blog but I truly enjoying view!!!! Maybe someday I will have to learn how to put one together?.. Love your home.

    1. Hi Laura thank you very much for your sweet comment and yes blogging is fun and if I can be of any help in making a blog just let me know. Happy Decorating Maggie


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