Thursday, June 14, 2012

Recipe to enjoy!

Hello Everyone 
Hope everybody doing well as for me my days have been so long , I have to admit that I have been cooking more since the boys are home for the summer so I just wanted to share two recipes with you and one craft.

Yesterday I had a taste for cabbage rolls so I made some. The ingredient were uncook rice, ground beef, seasoning, cabbage and I like to use tomato soup on my recipe I think it gives it a better flavor and cheddar cheese. 
I cook the ground beef and rice separate and then add them together when their done. I forgot the cabbage I boil for a few minute so they get a little tender so I can pull them apart.
 In the oven at 350 for one hour and voila!

Today I made pasta I call it a garbage salad because I put all types of stuff in it.
Ingredient are bow tie pasta, ham cubes, salami, tomato, black olive, cheese, a little salt and pepper, Italian dressing , cilantro and pasta seasoning. I usually add avocado, shrimp, and crab meat but didn't want to run to the store so I use what I had.

 You see the pink cutting board and knife my honey bought me!

I love this stuff!

I add all the ingredient together and mix then I add the pasta!

This is so good and easy to make and very refreshing for the summer!

The craft for today is painted letters!
You know the large letters that Hobby Lobby sales well I like them but hate the gold paint that they have so I decide to add a darker tone to mine and this is what I came up with!

Hobby Lobby gold letters redone!

I like them better now!
Happy Decorating 
Hugs and Blessing Maggie


  1. Oh my, this sounds delish! I am going to make that next week, thank you so much for sharing, it truly sounds wonderful. Great tip on the letters. I am going to get those soon, and was thinking about painting them, too!

    Have a wonderful weekend, girl! xo ~Liz

    1. Hey Liz yes the letters should be on sale next week at 50% off which makes them $5.00 each and its not bad at all. Thanks for your sweet comment. Hugs and Blessing Maggie

  2. Love your blog! You've inspired me to start one too! Please join me here:



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